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TNMX1509 Tungsten Turning Carbide Inserts Heavy Duty Inserts Zhuzhou Made

Product Description
Place of Origin:Hunan, ChinaBrand Name:Kelite
Model Number:TNMX1509Material:Tungsten Carbide
Usage:External Turning ToolHardness:85.5-90.1 according to your requirement material
Coating:CVD/PVD/TIAN /TLIAN /TIN etcColor:Black/yellow
Grade:Steel /stainless /cast ironUsage:Process steel,stainless steel or cast iron
Iso range:p/m/k/n/s/h

Video Description

TNMX1509 tungsten turning carbide inserts heavy duty inserts  zhuzhou made

Company Profile:

Zhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co.,ltd well-established manufacturer and supplier in the line of Tungsten carbide, can supply all kinds of ISO standard tungsten carbide or as per customer's drawing and requirements.

We have various grades for you choose which are widely used in finish machining, semi-finish machining and rough machining for turning, drilling and boring of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metal.

we serving our best quality to happy and satisfy Customers from all over Asia, Europe and South American our customer have established and long mutual benefit business relationship with us and highly appreciated our professional service.

Our Advantges:

1. Full auotomatic machine from switzland to ensure you the top and stable quality.

2.High technical production line full automatic,to ensure delivery on time.

3.Attending international exhibitions 12years all around with with good reputations.

4.Carbide Inserts "Made in zhuzhou kelite"already it's a famous brand well know in the word , made in China carbide inserts products ,the most difficlut high technical types coming from ZZKLT techncial group.

5. Various types of mould ,size , chipbreaks and coating for customer to choice ,More than10.000set of mould to satisfied all customers requirements.

Also we accept special design to open new mould according to customers drawing and samples.

6.We provide different packages :different color /brand/size of inner plastic box and outside wooden box .

7.Kelite products quality already better than Japan and Korea brand ,if you don't belive ,In stock free samples for you to try at any time.

8.Have domestic and overseas servide people 24hours on line for sales and after sales service.

Our  Full Automatic imported machines:

Our Grade :




CoatingGradeProcess ConditonsUpdate Materials
K=kelite BrandT:Tungsten Based Cemented Carbide0:Uncoaing1:Steel1. Finish0:Nomal Materials
C:Cermet6:CVD coating



2.Semi-Finish5:Update Materials
E:Ceramics8:PVD coating3.Cast Iron3.Rough
4.Non-ferrous metals4.Heavy Duty
5.High Temperature Alloy

6.Quenching Materials

8.Gerneral Procss


Package and Shipping :

1.Inner Plastic Box with different color and size (10/20/30/40 pcs every box) according  to customers requirments.

2.Outsize Cartoon Box usally have 56*30*20 and 32*22*15 ,and we also have other size and specifications for choice.

Our customers:

We have customer order and visit all over the world.

Good Feedback From Our  Customer :

Zhuzhou Kelite Have  Export Our Products to Europe , the Middle East ,South America ,South Asia with Good reputations ,we have full auotmatic production line to do all kinds of carbide inserts ,especially we are good at high techncial top quality in cnc cutting tools.

Some types we are welcome in China for the most complex technology ,we are famous at doing the most differclut carbide inserts,and also we have some types special offer for lowest price in China and Top quality In China.

Details we welcome you Inquiring at any time.

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